Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Evening

Tonight was the summer social event that I blogged about below and it was fantastic! I met so many women with a likeminded interest in business. I also exchanged information with some fabulous vendors that and I'm sure I'll be working with in the future on various events. So many talented people out there and it gave me the opportunity to grow the Preferred Vendor List for the Utah Events by Design which is wonderful!

Here's a photo of our booth and the beautiful backdrop. We had a beautiful location!

Many compliments were received on the booth and our handouts. People even asked me if the flowers were real (yes, they are). Perhaps I'm a little biased, but I thought everything look amazing. But then again, how could things at La Caille not look amazing?!

Thanks to all the fabulous women who stopped by and said hello! I look forward to talking again in the very near future :)

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