Sunday, October 30, 2011

All That Jazz

The 1920's are the epitome of style in my book.
Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era- I love everything 20s, 30s and 40s.
When it comes to weddings- the 1920's are in and you can see why!

Flappers were the height of style in the 20s.
It was a time of change- women were free of huge skirts and instead of the times defining the style....the style defined the times.
What I mean is flappers were seen as independent women- it was a time of cutting loose and having fun.
Women become more free spirits so to speak.
These women were fun and mysterious and willing to be edgy and take on the world on their terms.
Sounds a little bit like today huh?
Maybe history is repeating itself just a little bit or maybe it's fashion repeating itself.
Either way, when it comes to weddings - the 1920s look is all about the free spirited flappers that defined an era.

Everything from the dropped waist, feathers, pearls and long gloves speaks of a time past, but these dresses (curtsy of Lindsey Fleming Couture) are very much from today's fashion world.

This coat is divine isn't it?

If you are looking for an old world style for your vintage or 1920's themed wedding why not have the perfect focal point? 
Each of these dresses is unique and beautiful and with some great accessories, pin curls, and a headpiece this look is the complete package.
Aren't these peacock feathers gorgeous?!

The 20s sowed the seeds of modern living- especially for women. 
And these dresses show how chic the 20s were as well.

And what are the 20s without head dresses?

These iconic pieces are becoming more and more popular alternatives to the traditional veil.

Less obtrusive and very pretty.

So how do you get this look?
The above mentioned thoughts should help you get an idea.
And you don't want to have to have an entirely 1920's themed wedding to still be inspired by the era.
Utah Event's by Design can help you create the look and feel you are looking for.
Check out these 1920s inspired weddings (courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes)

These couples took looks from the 20s for their wedding and completely made it their own.

Her dress is absolutely stunning!

and her hair style was simple and very 20s - esque with the hairpiece.

I love her headpiece and pearls

Look at that feathered dress!
Peacock feathers are a perfect way to incorporate the 20s into the groomsmen's look

The bridesmaids are all flappers!

This wedding took the 20s outside

All the muted colors give this wedding a great vintage feel.

So if you love everything 1920s (like me!)
We can help you create that look and feel for your wedding...
Whether you want a lot or a little 20s this look is definitely-
All. That. Jazz.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

A successful wedding is the sum of it's parts. 
At Utah Events by Design- we make those parts happen...then we put them together and create a masterpiece. 
(not to brag or anything)
We dedicate a LOT of time making each part of your wedding amazing- details are everything!
A bride spends time thinking about the dress, the flowers, the venue, and the groom of course....
but something that can be easily overlooked is the lighting.

I love lights.
I will be the first one to admit that my favorite part of the upcoming holiday season is the lights...hands down.

That love extends to weddings as well. Obviously.
Not every venue you choose will be totally equipped for the lighting you want.
 In fact, a lot of people just make do with what is there.
Nothing wrong with that.
Just remember-
Lights can create the mood you are looking for at your wedding. 
And let's face it....they're just pretty!

Here are my top ten favorite lighting ideas:

1. Stringing lights across a space.
And check out those balls of lights

2. More stringing and more strands of lights.
I love this in a barn setting- rustic and elegant.

3. Candles.
Probably the most used mood setter at weddings...and for good reason!
The flickering lights are romantic and beautiful

4. Ok I know these aren't lights....just light bulbs- 
but creatively using lightbulbs can be so fun!

5. Creating "Stars"
Look at this....the candles, the centerpieces. the starlights on the ceiling
All the right parts just glow and the effect is amazing!

Put candles or even lightbulbs in them
Either way you get a very earthly feel to an out-of-this-world day

7.  Tea-lights + Flowers = wow
Use candles and mix it with flowers and not only do the flowers glow, but the water in the vases reflects the light and the entire tables seems to glow.
Couple this with low lighting in the rest of the room and you have a very intimate atmosphere
Peaceful and pretty. 

8. BIG lightbulbs
Something about this seems so sporadic, chaotic and eclectic
I love it

9. Trees + Lights = Lovely
I love how tree branches create a roof in these weddings and the lights make it seems as if you are living in a fairyland

10. Chandeliers 
Oh so classy no matter what shape or size


P.S. Don't forget the lights AFTER the party!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Styled Photo Shoots

Styled photo shoots are all the rage right now.
What do I mean by a styled photo shoot you ask?
Well there are many definitions, but mine is simply the recent trend to have couples pick a VERY specific theme for their engagement photos and go CRAZY with it. 

Here are a few shoots that will give an idea of what I'm talking about.
Some shoots I love, some are not for everybody- but ALL do a wonderful job showing off a couple's personality. 

Number 1: Gone fishing
Cute and simple- and they must really love fish!
Number 2: Alice in Wonderland
Elaborate and whimsical- personally not my style, but these are beautiful detail shots
Number 3: Vintage Circus
Very Water for Elephant-esque. Although I don't think I'd go this all-out for my engagements- you gotta admire these two's flair!
Number 4: The Notebook 
These two look uncannily like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling from the movie and they hit the 1950's dead on. 
 They certainly wanted to capture EVERY aspect of the movie...

But who can resist these shots?

Nothing is cuter than kissing in a boat....

...except perhaps kissing in the rain :)


Like I said, not all these kinds of shoots will be up your alley and they can take a lot of time and planning.

So, how can you find the right feel for your engagement shoot?
Here are four ideas (curtsy of Wedding  to help you make the photos memorable without going over the top:

1) Play with vintage props

Antique cars, bicycles, and parasols are simple ways to add color and make a picture come to life.If you’re a little camera shy, using props is an easy way to become more comfortable in front of the camera.  Ask your photographer to digitally edit photos with vintage effects like texture and lighting filters to complete the look.

2) Stay close to home

Instead of building a photo session around a concept, try doing a lifestyle shoot, which is more like a documentary. A photographer will spend time at your home to capture your day-to-day lives. But that doesn't mean it should be routine -- concentrate instead on your fun and relaxed weekend activities.

3) Think sexy and intimate

If you’re a couple who isn’t afraid of PDA, then a sexy, romantic shoot could work for you. You could wear some pretty pajamas or a slinky slip while your guy dons pajama bottoms and a white T-shirt, or even goes bare-chested. The look is sultry but tasteful -- not photos you’d be embarrassed to have on the mantel when your in-laws visit!

4) Explore unique environments

Forget about fake backdrops and fussy studio sets.If you live in a rural area, old motels, dilapidated barns, and open fields can make for some one-of-a-kind photographs, while graffiti, vintage signage, and brick walls work for city dwellers. Schedule your shoot for sunset, when the light is usually best and go to town!

Whatever you decide to do- make it your own. These pictures are all about the uniqueness you create as a couple so have fun with it!