Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Total Cuteness and Sophistication

When I purchased vendor booth space at the upcoming Bridal Extravaganza (taking place THIS Saturday), I realized I needed to make sure that not only did I wear something so I looked nice at the event, but more importantly, I needed to look uniform, professional and sophisticated (and cute never hurts either). I also needed to make sure that those helping out in the booth looked the same. And by "those" I mean my handsome hubby.

This is handsome hubby:

Isn't he adorable? And did I mention he's a Marine? So if you think those baby blue eyes he's sportin' are dreamy, you should see him in his dress blues. I tell ya, blue is a good color, especially on him :)

Anyway... back to the point of this post.

So, I decided that something was in order but I didn't want to go all dramatic and order a uniform. Who likes wearing uniforms anyway? That's when I decided that aprons could be super cute and serve a very tactical purpose as well considering that:

1- I could place that pen I always seem to be looking for in one of the apron pockets, and
2- In addition to that darn pen that always goes missing, I could use the pockets for the other things I always seem to be looking for when setting up and working an event.

Thus my google search for the perfect (and customizable) apron began...And then all of a sudden...Voila! 

I came across ShopMemento and found exactly what I was looking forThis little gem of a web site (and the talented Terri who produces all things cute, customizable, and sophisticated) totally saved me from my "uniform conundrum" because

Look at how CUTE these are:

For those of you wondering, no, handsome hubby will not be wearing the apron lined with cute ribbon. That one is mine :) His apron is solid chocolate brown with pockets on the front and of course, our beautiful logo. His is also a male cut apron whereas mine is a feminine cut.

I can't say enough about the quality of these aprons. Not only did Terri make sure all the colors of my logo were perfect, she even went as far as to email pictures of threads, ribbons, and samples of my digitized logo to make sure everything was as perfect as I wanted and hoped for.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw a  package sitting on my front porch today. I tore into the box quickly and then pulled out three perfect aprons that were even better than what I had visualized from the pictures Terri had emailed me. I mean, I can't gush over these enough. They are FANTASTIC!

If you wanna see these classy aprons up close, stop by the Utah Events by Design booth at the Bridal Extravaganza this Saturday. We'll be sporting these fashionable "uniforms" as we discuss our wedding services with all the brides.

Speaking of brides, if you are one, you really should check out Shop Memento here if you're searching for the perfect gifts for your brides maids (or even something for yourself that has your new last name on it!). Shop Memento has so many cute ideas for personalized gifts. I mean, we're seriously talkin about REALLY CUTE STUFF!!! And Terri is a total doll to work with so don't wait! Check out Shop Memento now!!!

Happy shopping and customizing :)

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  1. They turned out great!! I hope all goes well this weekend. Good luck!