Monday, October 25, 2010

Exciting Announcement!

So today, Utah Events by Design became an official sponsor of the Grand America Bridal show scheduled for January 15th. WE ARE THRILLED to have this opportunity!!!

Not only are we stoked to participate in the Grand America bridal show, we are jazzed about all the goodies and perks available to us for becoming a sponsor. Just check out this list of goodies:

1. A 24 month featured spot on
a. Direct Link to Utah Events by Design
b. Custom Design and Directory Picture
c. Searchable Company Description
d. Contact form sent to your e-mail
e. Online Account Management
f. Customized profile with your ad in flash, html or graphical format
g. Listed at top of all pages in your category
h. Display ad in advanced search options
i. Demo video to feature your services through audio and video
j. Direct Link to your blog
k. PDF brochure to include pricing or discounts
l. 40 Picture photo gallery to feature your best work
m. Ability to participate in regular blogs
n. Placed first on your vendor page

2. Mention of Utah Events by Design on all 60 second radio advertising promoting show
3. Advertising on all marketing pieces promoting show.
4. Free Utah Events by Design banner ads throughout for a year.
5. Listing as a show sponsor on with link to Utah Events by Design.
6. A blog about your business on blog.
7. Your Logo on Utah Bridal Shows new website.
8. Utah Events by Design's logo in the sponsor section of show brochure.
9. Priority registration for our Spring Bridal Extravaganza.
10. Bridal Bag Stuffers in Show.
So stay tuned as all these exciting things are in store! And to check out details about the Grand Americal Bridal Show, click here.
Thanks for all of your support and we're looking forward to seeing you at the Grand America Show!

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  1. Oh my gosh Michelle! That is sooooo exciting! Congrats!! :)