Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heather and Tyler's Wedding

Last Tuesday was such a great day as my friend Heather married her best friend, Tyler and it was a beautiful reception even if by saying so I'm bragging a little :)

The couple married in the morning at the Salt Lake City temple and then enjoyed a family luncheon hosted by the bride's aunts. Friends and family arrived that evening at the Gathering Place at Gardner Village to celebrate the couple's union.

What a fun venue for an autumn wedding! Not only is the Gathering Place a beautiful venue, but during the fall season, Gardner Village (where the Gathering Place is located) is all decked out in fall decor with everything from witches on rooftops to pumpkins galore. Such a fun environment for kids and adults of all ages!

Because of the season, I decided to bring in all the autumn-rich colors throughout the details of the decor. Heather wanted a silk bouquet as she was interested in saving it as a keepsake so I bought some high-quality silk flowers that were rich in reds, vibrant yellows and deep oranges. Heather was so pleased with the bouquet and said that several people even stopped her during the photo shoot of her bridals to ask where she had it made. Yay for success!!! Here's a great picture of the bouquet, the bride, and the mother-of-the- bride after the temple ceremony.

Considering the bride's bouquet was silk , I decided to incorporate silk leaves into the center pieces as well. And, because the Gathering Place is so fire friendly (most venues won't allow exposed candles to be lit) I had the luxury of using lighted candles in the centerpieces which produced a wonderful ambiance for the reception hall. Here are a few shots of the centerpieces:

Rather than serve dinner, a yummy ice-cream sundae buffet was available to guests with all sorts of tempting toppings! My philosophy is: where there's a banquet table, there's an opportunity to decorate! (And I never miss an opportunity to decorate considering it's my job and all...). Check it out! :)

In addition to the sundae bar, three different flavored bunt cakes took the place of a traditional wedding cake. So yummy! And I made sure to fill the cake table with all types of fall-themed elements including some lovely smelling cinnamon sticks that received many compliments from the guests sitting nearby!

The bride's wedding favors consisted of a fall themed trail mix which was contained in miniature chocolate-colored favor boxes, tied shut with a green ribbon and sealed with a foiled leaf. The favors lined an 8' banquet table while a fall wreath served as a center piece with a pumpkin in the center. This way, the bride and groom had beautiful decor for their favor table and when the wedding is over, they had a fun fall wreath for their door to their new home! I love when decor is reusable. It just makes sense! 

The entry way was a really fun area to decorate as well. Heather and Tyler weren't interested in a sign in book so we filled the table with tons of fall decor, candles, and pictures of the bride and groom while paper leaves danced from the ceiling.

All in all, it was a fantastic celebration and everyone had a great time. Many congratulations to Tyler and Heather and tons of thanks for giving Utah Events by Design the opportunity to design their special day!
Best wishes and good luck to the bride and groom!

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*Bridal photography used in this blog was taken by Kathrin Paul.
*Reception decor photography used in this blog was taken by Jennifer Rohn Photography.
*Photograph of The Gathering Place was taken from Gardner Village web site.


  1. Gorgeous details!!!!!! Wow!!! Congrats Heather and Tyler!!!!

  2. Very Exccellent job Michelle! And Congrats to Heather And Tyler.

  3. Absolutely Beauitful event! Congratulations to the Happy couple.

  4. I was wondering how you felt about your reception center. We're looking for a nice place to hold our reception, but we haven't been able to find just the right one. I know that there are a lot of reception centers in utah that are really great, so I wanted to know what you thought of yours. Thanks.