Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spotlight Post: Wedding Cake Trends for 2011

The Newest Trends and Ideas for 2011 Wedding Cakes

Thanks to popular TV shows, more and more people are making their wedding cake the focus of the wedding! Everyone wants to have that unique show-piece for their guests to admire and enjoy. We've highlighted some of the top trends and ideas for this year that we think are great!

The Chocolate Lover's Cake.  Using chocolate fondant really makes a cake stand out and taste great!  It's a great way to add a touch of style to a cake without adding much cost!

Different Colored Fondant. A different color of fondant and you've got a whole new look for a wedding cake altogether! How fun are these?!

Nontraditional Shapes.  Rather than going with the usual round or square-tiered cakes, many brides are choosing unique shapes for their cakes.  Something like these octagonal and hexagonal shapes are really a simple touch that creates such a unique look, and we love it!

Mismatched Heights.  These days, wedding cake designers are coming up with all kinds of artistic creations, and interchanging the height of different tiers on the cake is an easy way to do this.  This look can take your simple wedding cake design to the next level of class!

Monogrammed Cakes.  What used to be reserved for the cake topper is now being incorporated right into the design of the cake!  Having your cake designer put your monogram right onto the cake can add a very personal touch and a sense of sophistication.

Lasered Printed Fondant.  Technology is awesome! And if you have something specific in mind for your cake that matches other decorative elements of your wedding, like a pattern on your invitations or save the date cards, this just might be what you're looking for. Check out how beautiful this pattern is!

Buttercream-frosted Cakes.  For the last couple of years, fondant has dominated the cake industry because of the technical work and designs that can be created with it.  But thanks to cake designers innovations with buttercream work, and it is making its come back!  No longer do you have to sacrifice taste for style!

Topsy-Turvy Whimsical Cakes.  These crazy, creative cakes have been popular for parties and social occasions the last few years, but we are seeing them in weddings more and more.  If this style suits your personality, you may want to consider it for your wedding!

Cupcakes.  An increasingly popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake is cupcakes!  Guests love them, and with an impressive display like these, you can add a real wow factor without the extra cost.

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