Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Now for Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

Okay, I'll admit it. I've totally abandoned this blog for a few consecutive months now. But truth be told? Wedding season hit us like a ton of bricks. To put things into perspective? I haven't had a wedding-free weekend since the middle of July, and won't until after October 7th.

Complaining? NO! We love all the awesome brides we've been working with and the fun weddings we have and are currently designing and planning. It's been a blast. But it's also been a real time consumer which left zero time for blog attention :(

So other than planning the most wonderful, beautiful Utah weddings EVER (cuz let's be honest, they are), what have we been up to? Only the following bazillion things:
  • Several photo shoots given that a lot of really great and talented photographers have approached us to stage their shoots.
  • Planning and executing Once Upon a Wedding (July) which was seriously THE ultimate bridal experience (see the virtual design gallery pics on our facebook fan page).
  • Participating in the largest wedding show of the year: La Caille's Bridal Extravaganza.
  • Designing the wedding for La Caille's $100,000 dream wedding winners (congrats again to Ami and Greg, one of the sweetest couples we've met!)
  • Chattin' it up and forming relationships with some kick-A Utah wedding vendors.
  • Prepping for the gajillion fall weddings we have.
See? We've been so busy there's been no time to blog!

BUT! We have an awesome intern, Ale, who will be taking over things in terms of blogging for a while. She has a really exciting blog schedule lined up and I can't wait to see all the neat and creative things she's going to discuss over the next few months. You're going to love her and all her fantastic, creative ideas.

So for now, stay tuned as we wrap up some really awesome events (be sure to check our facebook fan page to get your fill of event pics) and help me welcome Ale to the blog as our main contributor!

Talk soon!

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