Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roses are Red...

Flowers can make your wedding a masterpiece. 

Whether it's hot reds...

Or soft pinks and whites...

Or every bright color in the book...

Or soft pinks and purples...

Or my personal favorite,
greens, pinks and peaches...

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They can tie in your colors, make centerpieces pop, and overall change the way your wedding looks and feels.

But let's face it: 
Flowers can be one of the most expensive items on your wedding list.
Nowadays, it's not very hard to get the flowers you want during any season- but you might have to pay the price depending on what you want.
It's always going to be cheaper if the flowers you want are in season. 

Conveniently, some flowers are available all year round:

 Roses and Lilies
 Gerber Daisies
and Anthuriums and most tropical flowers are also available year-round. 

For complete lists of flowers and their seasons you can visit:

It's also a plus if the flowers are grown locally. This fun little website called Bliss Weddings has a wedding floral generator to help you look at colors, what's in season, and if any of the flowers you want are grown locally.

No matter what season your wedding is in- or what flowers you choose to have make sure it reflects your personality and what you love. 

Sure, the flowers won't last forever- but your memories will!


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