Thursday, September 1, 2011


Thank you Michelle for that sweet introduction!
Now lets get down to business...
One of my favorite websites is called Pinterest.
I'm sure a lot of you have heard about it but I'll explain it just in case you haven't.

Pinterest is basically an online collage maker- but so much better!
The website says it's a virtual pinboard to collect the things you love. 

Simply put, once you sign up you can "pin" pictures online and separate them into "boards"
Each board has a theme.

I have many- but my favorite by FAR is the one I have called "Wedding Loves"
In here I have all things wedding related.

The best part is, once something is pinned you can always click on it and it'll return you to the site the picture originally came from.

That way you can always return to the source.

Let's face it- as much as I love perusing magazines for wedding ideas- it's just not worth my time to cut out pictures constantly. 

And- once you cut the picture don't remember where the picture came from.
Pinterest saves you all that trouble.

The site is connected to facebook so your facebook friends can follow your boards and vice versa.

You can also browse the site as a whole and repin whoever else's pins you want with no restrictions.
You don't have to be friends with someone on pinterest to view their boards and repin their ideas.

No one is limited to repinning everyone elses ideas.
Say you see something online you would like to pin. (I do this a lot when I'm wedding blogstalking)

There is a "Pin It" tool you can attach to your web browser's toolbar.

Whenever you see something you want to pin- simply click the "Pin It" tool.
Then chose the picture you want to pin.

You can describe the pin and decide what board you want it in.

And voila!
It's pinned for you to look back through later. 

So, how do you use this for your wedding?
Simple, not everyone has a set idea of what they want for their wedding when the time comes.
Pinterest is perfect for visually getting ideas together about colors, dresses, cakes- anything wedding related.

The next step is to take all these ideas to someone like Michelle who can make all these ideas into reality!

It makes it so much easier for everyone involved in wedding planning to have ideas to start with.

Enjoy Pinning!


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