Thursday, October 6, 2011

Video or Not to Video?

If a picture speaks a thousand many does a video speak?
Well, when if comes to wedding videos the answer is infinite.
I used to be a firm believer in having a photographer take engagement and wedding photos- that's it.
Why have a videographer film what the photographer is already capturing in my pictures?
Oh, how wrong I was.
In the past year I've done my research and there is something about capturing the movement and interaction between couples through film that intrigues me.
A film for your engagement or wedding day can really do justice to the personalities of the bride and groom that pictures can't.
Now, I'm not saying to forget your photographer and just go with a videographer.
Far from it.
Photographers are amazing. Some are even brilliant.
Same with videographers.
I'm simply saying- if you haven't wanted a videographer before....maybe it's time to reconsider.

Here are my some of my favorite videos to help you make up your mind:

First Casey and Brandon. This is certainly my style of wedding. I pretty much love everything about it....and nothing....nothing....can compare to the look on Brandon's face when Casey walks down the isle. :) 

(Music by Ingrid Michalson.... I just love her! Video via.) 

These next two are actually engagement videos. This is Jana and Billy's video for their engagement. I love their style, the uniqueness of their shots, and not to mention the music (one of my faves Rilo Kiley).

(Music by Rilo Kiley. Video via.)

This is Lex and Loren. They made their engagement video themselves. It takes a little bit of skill and creativeness, but I love the way theirs turned out. This one is a perfect example of capturing the individual personalities of a couple in love. 

(Music by Melanie Safka - one of my favorites as can tell music really makes these videos for me! Video via.)

So, whether you decide to make a wedding video, engagement video, combine the two, or do none at all...make sure, like your photos, that the video fits your personality and shows the love between you and your partner.
It's something to show the grandkids right?


p.s. Married couples can make videos too! This video is absolutely amazing...I just thought I should share this one too especially since this trend extends to married couples as well. Enjoy!

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