Sunday, October 30, 2011

All That Jazz

The 1920's are the epitome of style in my book.
Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era- I love everything 20s, 30s and 40s.
When it comes to weddings- the 1920's are in and you can see why!

Flappers were the height of style in the 20s.
It was a time of change- women were free of huge skirts and instead of the times defining the style....the style defined the times.
What I mean is flappers were seen as independent women- it was a time of cutting loose and having fun.
Women become more free spirits so to speak.
These women were fun and mysterious and willing to be edgy and take on the world on their terms.
Sounds a little bit like today huh?
Maybe history is repeating itself just a little bit or maybe it's fashion repeating itself.
Either way, when it comes to weddings - the 1920s look is all about the free spirited flappers that defined an era.

Everything from the dropped waist, feathers, pearls and long gloves speaks of a time past, but these dresses (curtsy of Lindsey Fleming Couture) are very much from today's fashion world.

This coat is divine isn't it?

If you are looking for an old world style for your vintage or 1920's themed wedding why not have the perfect focal point? 
Each of these dresses is unique and beautiful and with some great accessories, pin curls, and a headpiece this look is the complete package.
Aren't these peacock feathers gorgeous?!

The 20s sowed the seeds of modern living- especially for women. 
And these dresses show how chic the 20s were as well.

And what are the 20s without head dresses?

These iconic pieces are becoming more and more popular alternatives to the traditional veil.

Less obtrusive and very pretty.

So how do you get this look?
The above mentioned thoughts should help you get an idea.
And you don't want to have to have an entirely 1920's themed wedding to still be inspired by the era.
Utah Event's by Design can help you create the look and feel you are looking for.
Check out these 1920s inspired weddings (courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes)

These couples took looks from the 20s for their wedding and completely made it their own.

Her dress is absolutely stunning!

and her hair style was simple and very 20s - esque with the hairpiece.

I love her headpiece and pearls

Look at that feathered dress!
Peacock feathers are a perfect way to incorporate the 20s into the groomsmen's look

The bridesmaids are all flappers!

This wedding took the 20s outside

All the muted colors give this wedding a great vintage feel.

So if you love everything 1920s (like me!)
We can help you create that look and feel for your wedding...
Whether you want a lot or a little 20s this look is definitely-
All. That. Jazz.


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