Sunday, October 23, 2011

LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

A successful wedding is the sum of it's parts. 
At Utah Events by Design- we make those parts happen...then we put them together and create a masterpiece. 
(not to brag or anything)
We dedicate a LOT of time making each part of your wedding amazing- details are everything!
A bride spends time thinking about the dress, the flowers, the venue, and the groom of course....
but something that can be easily overlooked is the lighting.

I love lights.
I will be the first one to admit that my favorite part of the upcoming holiday season is the lights...hands down.

That love extends to weddings as well. Obviously.
Not every venue you choose will be totally equipped for the lighting you want.
 In fact, a lot of people just make do with what is there.
Nothing wrong with that.
Just remember-
Lights can create the mood you are looking for at your wedding. 
And let's face it....they're just pretty!

Here are my top ten favorite lighting ideas:

1. Stringing lights across a space.
And check out those balls of lights

2. More stringing and more strands of lights.
I love this in a barn setting- rustic and elegant.

3. Candles.
Probably the most used mood setter at weddings...and for good reason!
The flickering lights are romantic and beautiful

4. Ok I know these aren't lights....just light bulbs- 
but creatively using lightbulbs can be so fun!

5. Creating "Stars"
Look at this....the candles, the centerpieces. the starlights on the ceiling
All the right parts just glow and the effect is amazing!

Put candles or even lightbulbs in them
Either way you get a very earthly feel to an out-of-this-world day

7.  Tea-lights + Flowers = wow
Use candles and mix it with flowers and not only do the flowers glow, but the water in the vases reflects the light and the entire tables seems to glow.
Couple this with low lighting in the rest of the room and you have a very intimate atmosphere
Peaceful and pretty. 

8. BIG lightbulbs
Something about this seems so sporadic, chaotic and eclectic
I love it

9. Trees + Lights = Lovely
I love how tree branches create a roof in these weddings and the lights make it seems as if you are living in a fairyland

10. Chandeliers 
Oh so classy no matter what shape or size


P.S. Don't forget the lights AFTER the party!

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