Sunday, November 13, 2011

Utah Events by Design Appears on KSL to Discuss TWILIGHT PARTY IDEAS!

Here at Utah Events by design had a rather exciting opportunity today and it had to do with this:

And this:

Yes ladies and gentleman Utah Events by Design appeared on KSL on the Tuesday morning early news to discuss everything Twilight and share some awesome Twilight Party ideas!

Michelle appeared on two different segments (6:15 and 6:45) on the show to display two wonderful party themes she put together for all  those Twilight enthusiasts out there!

When Utah Events by Design does a Twilight party- we REALLY go all out!
We wanted to make these party ideas something you haven't really seen before, and provide you with some awesome party decor ideas, too!  :)

Our first table themed  is based on the design of the Twilight Series book covers and includes red, white and black elements as well as chess pieces, and more.

Our OTHER table is a little different, in a very special way :)

Thanks to our friends at Wild Flower Linens, (who provided the actual linens for Edward and Bella's wedding reception in the Breaking Dawn movie!!), we were able to recreate a table straight from Edward and Bella's wedding. How amazing is that?! 

Now that you've seen how to create the look for these two parties- it's time to talk activities. What fun is a party without the right kind of entertainment?! At Utah Events by Design, we understand how important it is to make sure your guests have a good time at your event. That's why we've come up with some entertaining Twilight inspired..........

Party Games!

Here are some fun ways to ensure your guests have a great time at your Twilight-inspired event: 

Twilight Character Guessing Game-
  1. Each  guest attending the party selects a fashionable button that has a character on it from the Twilight series. 
  2. Then, each party guest selects another person at the party and pins their button on that person's back. The reason for this is so that nobody knows which Twilight character they have.
  3. Next, guest ask other party members only "yes or no" questions about the character pinned to their back, and the first one to guess which Twilight character they are wins! For example, questions could be something like: "Does my character sparkle?" or "Does my character attend high school?" and so on.

Breaking Dawn Quote Game-
This game has a special element to it because it can easily be incorporated into the party decor. 
  1. Simply select quotes spoken by characters within the book. 
  2. Next, put each quote in a picture frame or somewhere around the room with a number next to it.Make sure you don't identify which Twilight character actually said the quote. 
  3. Then, throughout the night, guests try to identify which Twilight character is associated with the quotes. They can can keep track of their answers by by filling out a quote card that can be given to them when they arrive at the party (another fun idea is to include the quote card in a party favor bag  full of twilight paraphernalia that each guest is given upon arrival at the party).  
  4.  The guest who correctly identifies the most amount of quotes wins!

Twilight Character Charades-
  1. Divide the group into Team Jacob/ Werewolves and Team Edward/ Vampires evenly.
  2. Every member of Team Jacob will impersonate a vampire or human character from the book and it's up to Team Edward to figure out who the are as quickly as possible.
  3. Switch sides so that every member of Team Jacob then has to guess who Team Edward players are impersonating.
  4. Each team gets three minutes and whichever team guesses the most amount of characters wins! 

Like these ideas? 
Want to have a Twilight party this week, but feel like it's too late to plan? 
Want to incorporate some of our ideas into your party, but need a little help?
Contact us HERE and we can make it happen - even on short notice! 

Enjoy seeing the movie this week and be sure to leave a comment sharing what you have planned for YOUR Twilight party!!! We'd love to hear about (and see) what you did! Post your pics and maybe Utah Events by Design will feature YOUR party on their facebook fan page!


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