Sunday, November 20, 2011

Veils for a Modern Bride

Veils are all the rage.
I suppose they always have been the rage- but now veils aren't just long and white.
The whole definition is changing-
and I LOVE IT!
...and this coming from a girl who never wanted to wear a veil on her wedding day.
Now, I'm warming up to the idea...and you can see why!

Wedding headpieces have character- and when it comes right down to it brides aren't expected to wear the traditional long white veil anymore
There are so many more options to chose from!

Brides wear flowers, hats, lace, bows, crowns, jewels, headbands, and a variety of headpieces at weddings now...
And I LOVE it!

Take a look at these slightly less traditional hair pieces for your big day :)

My favorite trend are these jeweled headbands- 
Gorgeous right?!

This headband looks like it's straight from 1920s!
For more on that check out our recent post on the 20s :)

A short veil might work best with your look- and no one has to worry about it getting in the way!

Hats that harken back to the 50s are in- I love the feather detail on this one!

Another one that reminds me of our recent 20s post :) 
Pretty huh?


Whether real or silk- flowers look beautiful in hair.

What about just a simple clip for your hair?
Very pretty.

I'm personal fan of feathers and both of these brides used them in very different ways.

Let's face it- nothing is classier than a traditional long white veil- and these two ladies proved that- each in their own time.

If you still aren't sure how to style yourself or your hair for your wedding- let us know- we can help you out!


All pictures via Pinterest and BHLDN

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