Sunday, November 6, 2011

Non- Traditional Favors

Do you get the feeling you've seen these bubbles and mints before?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Now, I have nothing against mints or bubbles as wedding favors- but you might be looking for a something a little more creative (and maybe slightly less cliche).

Depending on the theme, colors, and feel of your wedding there are infinite possibilities when it comes to the little nuggets you send home with your guests.
It's all about remembering your big day right?
So, your favors should follow the theme of your wedding and show your personality as well.
Not all favors are expensive either....
That being said- here are a few favors I found that are a little out of the ordinary.

These sunflower seeds are perfect for this outdoor wedding:

This couple had a silhouette artist cut silhouettes by hand for each of the guests. 
Each guest received two- one they took home and one they left behind for the couple. 
The silhouettes were displayed on tables throughout the night so guests could guess each other's! 
This couple also gave away cute handmade soap!

This bride sewed these flowers- the guests wore them all night and then got to take them home.


These favors were put together by the bride's family.
Each one included chocolate covered cherries from Michigan (to represent the groom and his family) and a small bottle of Tapatio Hot Sauce from Mexico (to represent the bride and her family).
Talk about making the favors unique to the couple!
This wedding look place in an orchard and each guest took home a cute jar of applesauce :)

Sunglasses for each guest!
 One of my favorite new trends- send a little succulent home with each guest. They are even hard to kill and don't need a ton of water to stay alive. 
A baby plant is a great way to remind guests of your special day- they stick around a lot longer than mints!

If you still need help coming up with unique favors- let us know- we can help!


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